Reck punk: version 2: 2 month later

(° Ɐ°)

So, after playing around with my renderer code, and adding a D3D11 renderer to my engine, I have finally make a new version of Reckpunk! The windows version will keep an opengl renderer, but for upcoming mobile version, the d3d11 renderer will come handy.

Download ReckpunkA2 – Windows – 2.1 MBDownload

Added in this version :

  1. 10 new levels
  2. a level selector
  3. additional graphics / color scheme
  4. option to change cursor behavior (it stay fixed or follow the scrolling)
  5. slightly increase the view distance

And obligatory new screenshots:

New color scheme for tilemap
Added background animations

Next challenge is to package a linux version, I hope not in two month! 🙂

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