Uncover first public release

Uncover is a cRPG which have it roots in popular JRPG and cRPG game like the one from Squaresoft and BlackIsle. It give the user as much freedom as possible by putting an emphasis on interaction with NPC and allow various play style. (violent and nonviolent)

I just finished putting together the first playable version of the game, it only contains the Tutorial for now. check out the download section, it come in zip and installer form.

Here a little video showcasing the battle system :

The exploration mode is first person based, you can examine objects, take them, speak to NPC, hire them in your team, etc. The final game will put an emphasis on the dialog system, where your questions / answer have consequence over NPC behaviour.

Here some screenshots

Icone s'affichant lors d'un dialogue avec un PNJ

FenĂȘtre de dialogue

PNJ venant vers le joueur

There is no class/job system in the game, basically, you gain points after each level up that
you can use to improve your stamina, strength, magic or speed. It also allow you to get any spells, so you have a great freedom in your character creation.

The game is almost feature complete, I’m interested in knowing how it run on other people computer, what do you think about the look and feel of the game,  and what could be tweaked or improved (probably a lot :)). Feel free to also point out any typo or grammar error that you could find (non native English speaker here :)). You can send feedback at this address : support(at)uncovergame.com

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